Pistons Lose First Round Pick, Suns to Select First Overall

Detroit lost out on their first round pick, as the draft lottery placed them 12th. Had the pick jumped into the top 3, they would have retained the selection.

The Sacramento Kings jumped into the top 3, along with Atlanta. Phoenix held the best odds to receive the #1 overall pick.

14. Denver Nuggets

13. Los Angeles Clippers

12. Los Angeles Clippers (via Detroit) – Detroit would have retained this pick had it been in the top 3

11. Charlotte Hornets

10. Philadelphia 76ers (via Los Angeles Lakers)

9. New York Knicks

8. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Boston, via Brooklyn) – Brooklyn’s original pick, acquired by Cleveland in the Kyrie Irving trade

7. Chicago Bulls

6. Orlando Magic

5. Dallas Mavericks

4. Memphis Grizzlies

3. Atlanta Hawks

2. Sacramento Kings

1. Phoenix Suns

This is Phoenix’s first number one overall pick. They are likely to select University of Arizona DeAndre Ayton or Croatian superstar Luka Doncic.